The Interlude

The salt wastes rang with the sound of impact as the smudge drew closer. It was impossible, how could pockets of this region be untouched by disaster? Impossible anyhow, in the impartial gaze of the universe, from a probabilistic perspective. The meteors, pounded their way toward the probability anomaly with a sort of inanimate enthusiasm, together an apocalyptic artillery. Throwing up dust storms, and creating great rends and rifts in the earth, all who saw were instantly overcome with an inescapable futility of further endeavor. Unfortunately, all who saw were some Expanse fauna straying far from the instinctual path for mutations unknown, and were completely, and utterly incapable of getting a warning to anyone, as all attempts at language between the animals had as of yet, failed. A tiny meteor traveled closer to the anomaly, the universe sighting and finding its range. It landed smack-dab in the middle of an encampment, obliterating a few tents with a tepid shockwave. After the initial shock, the inhabitants of the small enclosure brought out the marshmallows, and began to toast them over the glowing, smouldering hole.

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