38 - The Five Sided Shape

Austera landed in a shallow river in ancient Mesopotamia. She was very confused at first. One minute, she was turning off the troublesome little farming machines, the next, she was sliding down the side of some strange sloping stone creation. Here seemed to be a flourishing civilization, though with an admittedly low level of technology. She familiarized herself with the locals, who were enthusiasts of pictographic communication. She had some ideas about record keeping, and though not her area of expertise, some interesting new ideas about architecture. The people were frustratingly dense to her experience, but she was able to scrounge her way up to advisor of a god-king with some well placed tidbits of advice. She, now marooned completely, endeavored to extol the virtues of good recordkeeping and hubris, to help nurture civilization on a better course, now that they apparently had a second chance.

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