Work | David Fingland

Podcast Landing Page

Landing page for Museum podcast. Built with Vue JavaScript framework and rendered static with Nuxt. Checks Spotify API for latest episode links using basic auth. Deployed with AWS.

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Site for Sci-Fi Book

Site that allows 'beta' readers to create a custom ebook cover with AI (stable difusion) and download the ebook, or read online. The intent of this site is to entice readers to test read my sci-fi novel.

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Location Based AR Demo

Expereince that uses user's gps location to display animated animals in real scale. Uses ARjs library and Three.js.

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Interactive Projection

Projection for an exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History. Built with Three.js and JavaScript physics libraries, deployed locally with Node server to fetch live user data from database.

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Image Autocrop Prototype

Used TensorFlow.js and Vue to prototype an auto-crop tool as a response to friction in observed creative workflows while working at the Museum.

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Coming Soon

I'm building an augmented reality art experience that will be deployed with an upcoming exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History! Users will be able to use their phones to explore artworks at thier own pace, and track discoveries.